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OpenLAB showcases the varied practices and uses of technology in the creative industries, presented by Media Lab Melbourne in partnership with ACMI X. For OpenLAB October we’re celebrating games and play with our speakers: Ian MacLarty and Shang Lun Lee! Join us as our speakers discuss the conceptualisation, development and presentation of their interactive creations. Ian will be demonstrating and discussing the abstract art toy Catacombs of Solaris, the ideas behind its design and his future plans for it and Shang Lun will be discussing his alternative uses for technology in his productions including the avoidance, misuse, and hiding of it.
Join us post work for an evening of tech and talk from 6pm at ACMI X (2 Kavanagh St, Southbank) with a drink from our sponsors Shingleback and Mountain Goat Beer.

This is a FREE ticketed event so be sure to sign up!


Ian MacLarty

Ian is a game designer and programmer living in Melbourne. He has an interest in short-form, experimental designs with a visual focus and many of his games double as art creation toys. He's created around 30 games over the last 5 years, most of which are free experimental works, but he's also produced commercial games such as Boson X. His work has been exhibited in Johannesburg, London, Antwerp, Chicago and Melbourne.

Lee Shang Lun (李尚倫)

Lee Shang Lun (李尚倫) is an award winning game designer with a background in medicine and economics. He is the creative director of PlayReactive, a team of multidisciplinary artists making unique interactive experiences, from immersive theatre to installation art.

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A series of free talks by artists working with digital technologies — sharing highlights (and lowlights) of their practices through talk and demonstration.